Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Identity Project out the door

In 2011, my friend and client M. Shawn Crahan contacted me about a new project underway. He and singer Corey Talor we putting together an independent film company. As expected, Shawn had an enormous energy and many ideas behind what he wanted in the company logo.

The film company Living Breathing Films is now public.
Rolling Stone Magazine Promo

In a nutshell, they live and breath their art. Anyone familiar with Slipknot knows how much they put of themselves into the production, so no surprise. They wanted a number of concepts to (possible) be reflected into their art:

1.Living (Shawn), existing, existence, the soil be come from and return to.
2. Breathing (Corey), inhale reality, exhale until our last breath.
3. When the art is over, they bled and gave everything to it (i.e. the same as when life is over)
4. The end of the film is the end of the art, the film should feel like someone nearly died putting themselves into it's creation.

So you get the idea. Death was not to be represented as grim or 'heavy Metal." it was to be a sign that we are all heading there, so give your all to it.


My concept was to make the identity feel like ancient runes and symbols. I have a large knowledge of ancient 'organic' symbols that have been used in nearly every civilization or culture. Earth and Air were immediately in my mind, and I surprisingly narrowed it down quickly.

Here is a set of sketches from my first brainstormings and studies. If you have any familiarity with ancient symbols, religions, or anthropology, these might seem familiar.

Finally, here is the 'ANATOMY SHEET" of the various componenets behind the seemingly simple little circle and letters.

So on they go, next stop to unveil themselves at Sundance in 2012.