Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ford Fiesta Movement

I was recently chosen to create a mural for my friends Sunny Thaper and Austin Baker. They are involved in the ongoing campaign to relaunch the new Ford Fiesta and this was 'Mission One.' Like all well planned awesomeness, I was told on a Friday that it was due on Monday. Thus, the creation of the '48 Hour Miracle began.' You can find the finished mural (recreated by ZOOM from New York) in old town Gilbert on the side of Joe's BBQ. Here is the link to the PHOENIX FIESTA MOVEMENT.


Sunny said...

I so love how it finally turned out. I think it's a great piece by a gifted artist. Thanks again for your extremely rushed help!!

james said...

Looks great, I couldn't come up with something like that in 48 days!

-Rick said...

That sir is awesome, keep up the good work!