Monday, November 23, 2009

Clown from Slipknot / Personal Logos - Big Orange Clown

In 2006 and 2007, I had the opportunity to work with Shawn Crahan on his personal art and design projects. Shawn is most liekly know as 'Clown' from the metal band 'Slipknot.' It was a lot of fun to meet a kindred creative nut. You can find more of this effort at .

I illustrated all of the disturbing clown heads that you will see. Hopefully he will have time again to revisit this concept and take it to another level.
These are two logo proposals I sent his way to brand his personal business "Big Orange Clown." I quite liked them and figured I show them off to my adoring fan.

BIG RED APE Logo and Identity samples

I was realizing that this blog lacks anything relating to the design work I do. So what better way to break the silence than with logos?
(TOP ROW) Left: Old Major Beer label, GOMO Gear brand redesign, , E5 Medical Journal
(BOTTOM ROW) Left: Mobius Agency (web and print design), Blade Techs Inc. rebrand design, It's About Time Corporate Security, Newman Electrical Contractors Inc.

Liquid Napalm

A fun and grotesque project for an award winning hot sauce.

Go and buy the sauce from from my good friend Clement at

Various Arts

These are samples from various publication/magazine illustrations

Various Projects

Projects for Moving Pictures Magazine / 2005-2007

Famous Hollywood Crossdressers

Projects for Moving Pictures Magazine / 2005-2007