Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Latest project / Sanford and Son Tell all book

Sanford and Son remains my favorite TV show of all time. I'm not even sure Redd Foxx liked it as much as I did. So, imagine my surprise when I received a call from Demond Wilson (Lamont) seeking to use my homage illustration (posted on this very blog in October of 2007). After a short time of discussion, I completed the Design of the dust jacket for his new book: "Second Banana: The Bittersweet Memoirs of the Sanford and Son Years." Demond was an awesome client and has become a dear friend over the course of this project. Please go and grab a copy of this book ASAP.


munkyhaus said...

Congrats, brother. There's no one on Earth who deserves this as much as you.

tonypetersart said...

That's awesome, dude, congrats!