Friday, May 30, 2008

Anti-Artschool session

They have the coolest sessions. I've decided to just have fun and stop obsessing over proportions. I have to draw correct proportions all day, so let the big hands fly...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hollywood Soundtracks

I even got a piece of fan-mail for this one. Kinda my first attempt at a 'New Yorker' style... not as easy as you might think.


One day they think Phoenix and Tuscon will just meet in the middle... eh, who knows...?

Photo Illustrations

It's a fun way to get a point across. There are times when a photo can accomplish more than an illo' and it's important to know when. Enjoy.

Warren Jeffs Polygamy piece

This one thoroughly;y creeped me out. Having once done time in a silly controlling; self-absorbed 'church,' I find people like Warren Jeffs despicable. Reading this story regarding the treatment of the women and children is heartbreaking. And men have enough trouble finding their true identity without being raised to be mini-dictators... ah well, thank goodness we all only get about 80 years. Imagine what we would do to this place if we lived any longer?